Executive Heart Screening

By far the most comprehensive cardiovascular examination

Executive Heart Screening

Our recommended cardiovascular examination, the Executive Heart Screening is suitable if you have a history of cardiovascular diseases in the family or 40 years of age. This examination can help protect you against strokes and heart attacks, amongst other diseases, and only takes around 3 hours.

The program covers:

  • Clinical examination by doctor with resting ECG and lung function test

  • Heart focused Blood and Urine tests

  • Non-contrast CT scan of the heart – calcium score to detect risk of heart attack

  • MRI of the brain with angiography of arteries – full brain examination and risk of stroke detection

  • Echocardiography1

  • MRI and ultrasound of neck vessels2

  • Follow up consultation with our Executive Doctor

  • Treatment and control at the clinic of newly discovered diseases. If necessary, referral to specialist.

  • Written summary of findings and link to images

1 Echocardiography is an ultrasound of the heart to evaluate function and heart valves.
2 MRI angiography and ultrasound of the neck arteries is an additional stroke risk assessment

A significant heart focused check up can include more investigations, please see brochure.

Price: 2.620,00 Euros

Supplementary examinations:

The Executive Heart Screening can be supplemented with additional MRI examination :

Heart MRI (2-3 hours)

Other supplementary examinations upon request.

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Me and my partner decided to make a large health check up given that we are responsible for a large company, and we are not quite young. I exercise at least 3 times a week and found that I was completely healthy. Although I thus had no symptoms  discovered that there was something wrong with the hear, and referred me to the South General Hospital. When the balloon blowing up of the middle 80% crammed coronary told the doctor there that I would never have passed the heart attack that would surely have come.

Thomas Ebegård
We are all dying….
I just dont want to die of something that could have been prevented.
Martin Tye

By that you discovered my cancer, who are not given any symptoms, you saved my life!! I have now had surgery and is declared healthy!

Per-Inge Walfridson