Executive Health

Health. Your most important asset

Executive Health delivers the most advanced diagnostics and vetted therapeutics to those who seek a longer, healthier, and more vital life.

At our Clinic you will find Europe’s most advanced health examination in order to detect diseases before they cause serious health problems and when they are still easy to treat. Our experienced doctors use the latest technology to examine each aspect of your health in detail, such as your heart, arteries, abdomen and brain. The earlier you can get the correct diagnosis, the higher the chances of successful treatment and a continued long and healthy life.

Early Diagnosis
Early Diagnosis
The earlier the intervention in the disease process, the better the chances of success in treatment. A large proportion of those who die from cancer would have survived, if the cancer would have been discovered in time. The same is true for many who die from a heart attack. Therefore, it is essential to identify the risk factors before they become a problem.
Your own personal doctor
Your own personal doctor
As an Executive Health patient, you will have your own highly experienced personal doctor, who will be familiar with your medical history, will have time for you, and most importantly, will care about you.

If you were to fall ill or are simply worried about your state of health, you can contact your doctor at any time after your examination.

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
Our advanced assessments detect the earliest signs of and risk factors for heart disease, cancers, stroke, diabetes and many other conditions, so that you can optimise your health and enjoy your life to the full and give you the ultimate peace of mind.


Executive Health’s team ensures that you will be personally taken care of and get a first class experience, from consultation to examination and appointments.

The purpose of our examinations is not only to discover serious diseases but also to provide us with an opportunity to find each individual’s most important risk factors in order to tailor-make a preventive program.

Executive Health offers the most advanced and safe screening program in Europe to detect diseases with probable severe consequences for your health if not treated in time.

We screen particularly for cancer and cardiovascular disease. Since the opening of the first Executive Health clinic in 2008, we have done more than 10.000 exams.



Executive Health offers the most advanced and safe screening programmes in Europe to detect diseases with probable severe consequences for your health, if not treated in time.


Our recommended comprehensive most advanced examination that covers all disease areas; takes 6-7 hours.

EUR 5.500


A detailed check-up, taking you through the most essential scans and tests.

EUR 1.700

Full body MRI

Get a clear overview picture of your health with our full body screening.

EUR 800