Advanced Micronutrition and Metabolism Analysis

Did you know that your body’s metabolism plays a crucial role in determining your overall health, in addition to maintaining a healthy diet? Regardless of the quality of your dietary choices, your body’s unique metabolism may lead to nutritional deficiencies that can negatively impact your well-being. However, metabolic testing and body composition analysis can identify any deficiencies in micronutrients, which would otherwise go unnoticed without proper evaluation.

Nutrigenomic analysis
At Executive Health, our nutritionists employ cutting-edge technology to carry out a thorough assessment of your vitamin, mineral and metabolic profiles. Through a comprehensive nutrigenomic analysis, we can evaluate your individual response to your current diet and recommend adjustments for long-term optimal health. Following the metabolism analysis, you will receive a personalised diet and supplement plan tailored to your unique nutritional needs. Additionally, you will receive detailed information about your nutritional status and specific requirements to support your well-being.

Please note, your micronutrient levels can vary throughout the year depending on your diet, stress, exercise level, and any illness. Our analysis will reflect your nutritional status for the past two to three months.

Our micro nutrition, lifestyle and metabolism analysis includes:

  • Metabolization of micronutrients

  • Comprehensive metabolic profile

  • Vitamin and mineral profiles

  • Genetic mutations associated with unhealthy lifestyles

  • Vitamin and Mineral Profile

    The test will show if you need vitamin C or other antioxidants to boost your immune system. Or if you need folate and B12 to regenerate your cells. Or omega 3 fat to improve cholesterol levels and protect your heart. Furthermore, the analysis will show your levels of vitamin D, zinc and magnesium among many other vitamins and minerals.

  • Comprehensive metabolic Profile

    We analyse over 16 genes involved in the way your body metabolises important micronutrients. It also tests for any intolerance to gluten, histamines, fructose and lactose. The analysis also shows if you have any disorders associated with your lipid (fat), salt or sugar metabolism.

  • Risk Factor Profile

    We test for more than 170 genetic mutations associated with hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and many other lifestyle-risk factors – all preventable with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • Our Micronutrition, Lifestyle and Metabolism Analysis requires two visits

    On your first visit we take a blood test and collect a genetic sample through a mouth swab on the inside of your cheek. We also take your body measurements (anthropometrics) and ask you about your medical and dietary history. On your follow up visit we discuss your results and you receive a personalised diet and supplement plan, based on your specific nutritional requirements. Our collaborating laboratories use only the highest quality and organic sources for the supplements.

  • Important notes prior to the analysis

    Stop taking any vitamin and mineral supplements 1-2 weeks prior to your blood test. This will show us how much nutrients your body receives from your normal diet.

    You must fast 6-8 hours before the blood test. Only water, tea or black coffee is allowed.

Price: EUR 3.500

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