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Detect diseases before they cause symptoms

Executive Imaging

The top two causes of death in the world are cardiovascular diseases and cancer, together they make up 60% of the deaths from serious diseases. To detect these diseases before they cause any symptoms is vital, for complete recovery. With Executive Health’s knowledge and advanced technology, you are given this possibility.

  • Full body MRIs

    A Full Body MRI scan at Executive Health consists of several scans of your vital organs. The focus is to identify any possible abnormality, cancers or inflammations before having symptoms. Early-stage diseases have better prognoses with effective treatment and efficient life style changes.

    The scans included are:

    • MRI Brain with Angio
    • MRI throat/neck
    • Thorax/Lungs
    • MRI Abdomen with Cholangiography, fasting (Liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and adrenals )
    • Pelvis (bladder and female/male genitalia)

    The Price is: 2500 Euros

  • Full body imaging

    The above including CT of Heart (calcio score) and Ultrasound of the Heart. Price: pending

    The Price is: 2950 Euros

  • Cardiac MRI

    Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR, also known as cardiac MRI) is a medical imaging technology for non-invasive assessment of the function and structure of the cardiovascular system. This scan takes about 3 hours.

    The Price is: 1500 Euros

  • Breast MRI (with or without implants/contrast)

    One alternative to mammography, is a Breast MRI with or without contrast. It has shown substantial progress in the detection of breast cancer. MRI is non-invasive and does not use radiation. This scan gives extremely clear, detailed images of soft tissue structures that other imaging techniques cannot achieve.

    The scan time is approx.. 45 min, lying on the stomach.

    Price from 500 Euros

  • Regional MRI

    An MRI of a region is mainly done when you are having pain or symptoms or have been referred by a doctor to process the search for answers. This could be an abdominal scan, a scan of the brain and neck, the prostate area, the spine etc. Whether you have a referral from your own doctor, or want to see one in our staff, we welcome you.

    All scans include a study by our radiologist, and your report will be provided in Spanish and English.

    Prices from 375 Euros

  • Single MRI

    We do individual MRI scans to provide you with detailed images of the body. All scans include a study by a radiologist, and your report will be provided in Spanish and English. You will bring home a USB of your images on the scanning day.

    This service is available as a walk-in scan. Please contact us for more information

    Prices from 375 Eur.

  • CT Calcium Score:

    Plaque inside the arteries of your heart can grow and restrict blood flow to the muscles of the heart. Measuring calcified plaque with a heart scan will allow our doctor to identify possible coronary artery disease before you have signs and symptoms.

    CT Heart Scan is a significant examination that does not only identify coronary disease now, but also provides us with a risk of future heart attack. Our doctor will use your test results to determine if you may need medication or lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of heart attack or other heart problems.

    Price 400 Eur

    Follow up Dr. Consultation 100 Eur.

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Me and my partner decided to make a large health check up given that we are responsible for a large company, and we are not quite young. I exercise at least 3 times a week and found that I was completely healthy. Although I thus had no symptoms  discovered that there was something wrong with the hear, and referred me to the South General Hospital. When the balloon blowing up of the middle 80% crammed coronary told the doctor there that I would never have passed the heart attack that would surely have come.

Thomas EbegĂĄrd
We are all dying….
I just dont want to die of something that could have been prevented.
Martin Tye

By that you discovered my cancer, who are not given any symptoms, you saved my life!! I have now had surgery and is declared healthy!

Per-Inge Walfridson