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To reduce the risk of premature death. The examination makes it easier to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing. Moreover, your situation very often implies a big responsibility towards your family and/or your business.

Everyone, but especially those who have an inherited burden of serious diseases such as cancer, stroke or heart attack, those approaching 50 years and who knows that they have a stressful job, smoke or have other risk factors.

It depends on your age and risk factors, if you are over 50, we recommend every 4 years. Please consult our doctor about the time interval that is appropriate for you.

We are only looking for diseases that have a good chance to be cured if detected at an early stage. In one out of 20, we will find a potentially life-threatening disease that must be addressed, and in 3 of 10, we find a previously unknown serious ailment. Many see the examination as a natural way to increase the possibility of a long and healthy life. To feel a certain ambivalence towards such a comprehensive health assessment that we offer is not at all unusual, quite the opposite. Other screening tests that have been available for a long time, such as mammograms, can also arouse the same kind of feelings even among women in the target group.

A health insurance is good to have when you become ill and are undergoing treatment. An Executive Health Examination detects diseases even before you have symptoms. You are thus one step ahead, increasing your chances of being healthy.
Regularly patients ask us if their insurance company will pay for our treatment. This will depend on the insurance you have and the country you are from. We always recommend that you ask your insurance company first. The following information is based upon the experience of our patients over the last years:

  • The Spanish, Scandinavian and English National Health Service?
    Will not cover the invoice.
  • Spanish or English private insurance companies?
    We understand that they cover an 80% to a 100% if your policy covers the assistance of doctors or therapist of your choice. Some of these policies would be: Sanitas Mundi, DKV Mundisalud, Mapfre Mundi, BUPA, etc. Most insurance companies have the “international” option, or “reimbursement type” option.
  • Scandinavian Insurances?
    They usually cover from an 80% to a 100%.

Executive Health uses exactly the same technology and has the same knowledge that the U.S. clinics have.

Yes, we have physicians as customers, including oncologists.

No, you cannot get any guarantees that you are hundred percent healthy. The Executive Health Examination is the most advanced examination available today and the probability is very high that you’ll find a serious disease if you suffer from one. But you cannot be one hundred percent sure.

Executive Health’s doctors understand that many people suffer from claustrophobia and may find the prospect of being inside an MRI scanner challenging.

If you tell us about your situation at the time of booking your full medical check-up, we will invite you to view the MRI scanner and to have a trial run inside the MRI.  This will allow you to see that Executive Health’s MRI scanners are much wider than you may have experienced previously in more traditional medical facilities. At the same time, you will be shown how to use a hand-held button that can stop the scan within seconds should you start to feel anxious.

Should you still be feeling apprehensive on the day, we can provide you with a mild sedative to settle your nerves and you can invite your partner, a family member or friend, to sit beside you during the scanning process.

We look forward to welcoming you at Executive Health