Executive Premium Screening


Welcome to our complete in-house Executive Health Premium examination programme carried out at our facility in Puerto Banús. This is one of the most safe and comprehensive health screening programmes in Europe and recommended for anyone over the age of 40.

The Premium examination covers:

  • Extensive survey about previous health, heredity, present situation, and lifestyle
  • Nutritional evaluation with follow up
  • Full Blood package, > 50 items
  • Urine, 14 items
  • Sangre occulta /stools for blood, 1 item

  • Resting ECG (ElectroCardioGram)
  • 48 hours ECG by indication included
  • Dermascopy – skin check
  • Ultrasound Carotid Arteries
  • Echocardiogram (Ultrasound scan of heart)
  • CT heart calcium score
    CT lungs by indication included
  • MRI Head all structures
    MRI Brain with many different sub scans
    MRI angio brain arteries
    MRI angio neck arteries
    MRI Neck – all organs
    MRI chest, sometimes also normal x-ray
    MRI abdomen
    MRI extra scans liver
    MRI colangio (gall and pancreas ducts extra scans)
    MRI pelvis all structures
    MRI pelvis with extra scans for uterus/prostate
    MRI symptomatic joint scan by indication included
    MRI symptomatic spine scan by indication included
  • Written report of all scans, blood, urine, and stools included

  • 12-pages patient-friendly-detailed-summery of all findings, including nutritional advice
  • USB with all images included
  • Referral to specialists by indication included and arranged
  • Treatment and follow up on risk for 1 month included

Price: EUR 5.500

The complete in-house health examination takes about 6 to 7 hours.

Uncomfortable facts, but important to know:

  • 1 of 4 dies of cancer

  • 1 of 3 dies of heart attack or stroke

  • 30% do not survive their first heart attack
  • 15-30% may be permanently damaged after a stroke
  • Atherosclerosis can lead to blood clots and other cardiovascular diseases

  • Of those who receive late diagnosis of kidney cancer 90% die within 5 years, but of those who receive an early diagnosis only 10% die within 5 years

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The Executive Premium PLUS Program

Capsule Camera Examination: For Premium Plus Capsule Cam Patients, a day will be scheduled for the Camera examination.

CapsoCam Plus® is the only capsule endoscopy system that provides a 360° panoramic view of the small bowel providing you with:

The ability to look directly at the mucosa instead of “down the tunnel,” allowing visibility of more lesions, if they are present. High resolution images to help with diagnostic assurance.

Price: EUR 7.095

Executive Health Marbella

Ctra. N-340, Km. 175,
Puerto Banús, 29660
Marbella, Málaga

+34 670 674 246


What happens on the examination day?

Welcome to our clinic in Puerto Banús, Marbella. During the one-day examination, we will examine you to detect any diseases and give you a detailed picture of your present health status.

Prior to your visit, you will be asked to fill out a health declaration to be submitted before the examination. In the declaration you will answer questions about your lifestyle, past illnesses and diseases in the family. A private suite will be at your disposal during your stay. At your room you can change your clothes prior to the examinations. Due to blood tests and MRI of abdomen, be sure not to eat or drink from midnight before the examination day.

  • The Premium Program

    08:30 Welcome/follow to private suite

    • Fasting Blood, urine and stools tests in private suite (To describe the function of all vital organs and screening for latent infections and cancers).
    • Fasting MRI Abdomen (Liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and adrenals).
    • Fasting MRI Liver (extra specialized scans for liver).
    • Fasting MRI Cholangiography (extra specialized scans for gallbladder and pancreas gland).
    • MRI chest (Lungs, cancer, infections and other diseases). Sometimes combine with normal x-ray.

    10:15-10:30 Breakfast in private suite

    • MRI Head (all structures visualized)
    • MRI Brain (several scans to visualize brain and exclude significant I disease).
    • MRI angio of Brain arteries (risk of strokes, aneurisms).
    • MRI angio Carotid Arteries (neck vessels) with plaque and stenosis assessment (identifies risk of stroke).
    • MRI Neck structures and organs, including larynx, throat, lymph nodes and thyroid.
    • MRI Pelvis (all structures and organs, including bone, bladder and rectum).
    • MRI pelvis with focus/scans for prostrate or uterus.
    • MRI joint or spine scan if indicated
    • CT Heart Scan X-ray technician = (A significant examination that does not only identify coronary disease now, but also provides us with a risk of future heart attack).
    • CT lungs or x-ray thorax if indicated

    12:00-12:10 Small break in private suite

    • Consultation Dr. Reinhard; including full somatic/neurological exam. – including anthropometrics and nutritional consultation
    • Echocardiography by Dr. Reinhard = (Heart contractility, dimensions and valves).
    • Blood pressure, ABI Index by Dr. Reinhard = (Peripheral artery disease).
    • Full dermoscopy to exclude skin cancer by Dr. Reinhard
    • Lung function test by Dr. Reinhard = (Lung disease incl. chronic obstructive lung disease).
    • ECG test nurse = (Heart rhythm). – We might extent with holtermonitoring (home heart rhythm monitoring)

    14.00-14:30 Lunch in private suite

    • Preliminary results presented by Doctor and follow up appointment for full report and presentation planned.
    • Capsule Camera Preparation for Premium Plus Capsule Cam Patients: A following day will be scheduled for Capsule Camera examination and investigation by gastroenterologist.
  • The Premium PLUS Programme

    Capsule Camera Preparation; For Premium Plus Capsule Cam Patients, a day will be scheduled for the Camera examination.

    The team looks forward to welcoming you.

Executive Health Marbella

Ctra. N-340, Km. 175,
Puerto Banús, 29660
Marbella, Málaga

+34 670 674 246