Dear Executive Health Team

My husband and I decided we were at the right age to have full body checks and as we are very satisfied with all the services provided at Helicopteros Sanitarios, we decided we would use your full body scan services.

I was particularly worried, after very stressful MRI scans in the UK, that I would not be able to go into the scanner for long periods due to feeling claustrophobic.
Your staff kindly arranged for me to view the scanner a few days before and have a trial run inside.

I was so pleased to see that your scanner is much wider and did not seem like a tunnel, as I have previously experienced elsewhere. Your scan operator was so lovely, taking the time to show me I could press a button in my hand at any time and be released within a few seconds and I could speak clearly with her should I become anxious.

They also allowed my husband to come and sit next to me at the scanner throughout the series of scans.

I did take the mild sedative you could provide and all in all the experience was absolutely fine.

The whole day was very relaxed and luxurious, with lovely meals, in a beautiful suite. The staff and the doctor were just fantastic. Everything seemed to be so thorough and the results were presented very clearly and precise with explanation in every aspect.

We could not recommend these preventative screenings with Executive Health more highly.