What happens on the examination day?

Welcome to our clinic in Puerto Banús, Marbella. During the one-day examination, we will examine you, to detect any diseases and give you a detailed picture of your present health status.

Prior to your visit, you will fill out a health declaration, submitted before the examination. In the declaration you will answer questions about your lifestyle, past illnesses and diseases in the family. A private suite with is at your disposal during your stay. At your room you can change your clothes prior to the examinations. Due to blood tests, be sure not to eat or drink after midnight before the examination.

The Premium Program

09:00 Welcome/follow to private suite

• Blood, urine and stools tests in private suite (To describe the function of all vital organs and screening for latent infections and cancers).
• Fasting MRI Abdomen (Liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and adrenals exclude cancer or other diseases).

Breakfast in private suite

• Consultation with our Nutritionist (including anthropometrics and nutritional exam).
• Consultation with our doctor; including full somatic/neurological exam.
• Echocardiography = (Heart contractility, dimensions and valves).
• Blood pressure, ABI Index = (Peripheral artery disease).
• Full dermoscopy to exclude skin cancer
• Lung function test = (Lung disease incl. chronic obstructive lung disease).
• ECG test nurse = (Heart rhythm). We might extent with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jqmXPZAnQU
• CT Heart Scan X-ray technician = (A very significant examination that does not only identify coronary disease now, but also provides us with a risk of future heart attack).

Lunch break in private suite

• Ultrasound Carotid arteries (neck vessels) with plaque and stenosis assessment by radiologist in consultation room (identifies risk of stroke).
• MRI Brain (previous strokes, aneurisms, tumours).
• MRI Lungs (cancer, infections and other diseases).
• MRI Pelvis (bladder and female/male genitalia for cancer and other diseases).

The day will finish before 5pm.

The Premium Plus Program

Capsule Camera Preparation; For Premium Plus Capsule Cam Patients, a day will be scheduled for the Camera examination.

The team looks forward to welcoming you.