Premium Screening

The complete in-house health examination takes about 6 hours.

The examination covers:

  • Extensive survey with our doctor about previous health, heredity, present situation and lifestyle
  • Nutritionist and genetic evaluation
  • Clinical examination by our doctor
  • Resting ECG
  • Exercise ECG
  • Blood Analyses, including minerals, vitamins, tumor markers and serology (for latent infections and immunological diseases)
  • Spirometry
  • Echocardiogram, ultrasound heart
  • Carotid Doppler, ultrasound pulse vessel in the neck
  • Ankle Doppler for peripheral disease
  • Ultrasound upper abdomen including pancreas, liver, kidneys and gallbladder
  • CT chest including lungs, heart and coronary arteries
  • Closing conversation with our doctor where risk factors and possible lifestyle changes are also reviewed.
  • Treatment and control at the clinic of newly discovered diseases. If necessary, referral to specialist clinic.
  • Written summary of findings and CD with CT images.

Supplementary examinations

The Premium Screening can be supplemented with different ex-house MRI examinations:

– MRI brain
– MRI Upper abdomen, including liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and adrenals
– MRI genetalia, including prostate (men) and uterus/ovarium (women)