Examination program

Executive Health offers a complete screening program – The Premium screening.

The examination takes about 6 hours.

For more information about the examination program please contact us
on info@executivehealth.es or by phone at +34 603 840 984

An Executive Health Examination may be suitable if you:

— have an inherent predisposition for cancer or cardio-vascular related diseases
— live with risk factors i.e. smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, unhealthy diet or not enough exercise
— live a stressful life
— often worry about your state of health and would like to go through the most extensive examination program there is.

Being a client with us

Being a client of Executive Health is about improving the odds when it comes  to detecting and thereby curing difficult diseases.

Executive Health will not discover all diseases. There are no tests for some diseases, and other diseases can spread very rapidly. Our screening program, however, contains several of the most advanced screening methods available today and we follow the development within early detection on a continuous basis.
Our examination program

Executive Health screening program always contains an extensive review with your doctor of your previous state of health as well as risk factors, followed by   a rigorous clinical examination. The program also includes a variety of diagnostic techniques and a consultation with a nutritionist about nutrition  and genetics. The examination takes approximately six hours depending upon which program you choose.

The entire examination is in-house

The entire examination at Executive Health is in-house, which means that the client does not need to go to different clinics and hospitals for various parts of the examination.
Apart from this being more convenient for you, it also has great medical benefits. When we create a summary of your health, it is extremely important that the various specialists of our team can discuss with each other, for example, the radiologist may have to talk to the clinical physiologist (who examine your ultrasound examinations).
Moreover, it is important that the doctor you meet as your personal doctor can review your results with the other specialists. This means that your examination will be both safer and more secure. At Executive Health, we have all the specialists under one roof just like in an ordinary hospital. This is something we find to be very important and something that we have prioritized in order for your examination to be as medically efficient as possible. The fact that all our examinations are done in-house also have the positive effect that our comprehensive examination can be done in just a few hours.

The importance of an Executive Health Examination

Experience from other clinics that have performed similar examinations for a longer period of time indicates that:
– 3-5% of the examined patients are diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening disease
– 30-40% are diagnosed with a previously unknown serious condition.

What happens after the examination?

After the examination, you get the results at a closing conversation with your doctor. You will receive a detailed written summary of your state of health. Should we discover anything in need of additional examinations we have well-established contacts for convenient referrals with specialists at various clinics.

Our clients are also offered annual check-ups and an access service to the clinic.

The annual check-up includes a doctor’s examination, exercise ECG, resting ECG and blood lab.

Control of blood lipids.