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60% of deaths are caused by cancer or heart disease… many could have been prevented with early detection.

Even if you appear to be healthy, a full medical check-up can detect health issues before symptoms present, and if caught at an early stage there is a greater opportunity for successful treatment.

Why health check-ups are crucial

Executive Premium Screening is the most comprehensive fully body health screening programme in Europe, using the latest medical technology to examine all organs, check lung function, bloods, prostate exam, heart health checks, cancer screening and much more.

  • Heart health check up

Even if you appear healthy, you could suffer from high blood pressure or cholesterol, the ‘silent killer’. Executive Health’s cardiac check-ups focus on identifying irregularities and abnormalities in the early stages of disease. If checked regularly, you drastically improve the opportunity to control and reverse the condition…preventing a fatal heart attack.

  • Cancer screening

Cancer is attributed to one in six deaths in the first world, yet up to 50% of cancers can be prevented by mitigating risk and early diagnosis. A full medical check-up (including cancer screening identifies abnormalities, allowing early diagnosis and treatment, which can dramatically increase cancer survival rates.

Executive Health

Why book a full body check-up?

  • What’s involved
  • Blood, stools and urine
  • MRI: brain, head, neck, all organs
  • MRI. Angio brain and neck arteries
  • MRI: pelvis, prostate, uterus, joints, spine
  • MRI : gall bladder and pancreas
  • CT lung function tests
  • CT scan of heart calcium score
  • Echocardiography
  • Consultations
  • Treatment, control and referrals as required
  • 12-page written summary and images of findings
  • Nutritional advice
  • Here are the benefits
  • Prevention of disease, sudden heart attacks and strokes
  • Receive treatment and control issues
  • Extensive evaluation (nutrition, medical history, lifestyle)
  • Specialist referrals
  • 5-star service
  • State of the art medical technology
  • Modern Marbella clinic

Price: EUR 5.500

The World Health Organisation (WHO) attributed nearly 10 million deaths to cancer in 2020, which equates to nearly one in six deaths. Worldwide the most common being breast, lung, rectum, prostate and colon cancer of who one third of mortalities were caused by obesity, smoking, poor diet and high alcohol consumption.

World Health Organisation 2015

Detecting issues before symptoms show can save your life.

About Executive Health

Executive Health is the premier Scandinavian Medical Preventive Screening clinic with clinics in Stockholm and more recently in Puerto Banús, Marbella. We have done more than 10.000 exams. Our clinics are staffed by friendly, dedicated Scandinavian professionals, who ensure each medical check-up is carried out efficiently, in comfortable surroundings.

Our clinic in Marbella offers access to an extended range of health check-ups, including heart check up and cancer screening.

Executive Health Screening programmes detect and prevent disease.

Uncomfortable facts, but is important to know…

1 in 4 die from cancer

1 in 3 die from a heart attack or stroke

30% do not survive their first heart attack

15-30% may be permanently damaged after a stroke

Atherosclerosis can lead to blood clots and other cardiovascular diseases

Of those who receive late diagnosis of kidney cancer, 90% die within 5 years, but of those who receive an early diagnosis, only 10% die within 5 years

What our clients say

Dr Reinhard is kind, calm, informative, thorough doctor. Reassuring, and trustworthy.

Janet Templeton

Excellent service, professional and the attention to detail, superb. I’ve been seeing Dr. Reinhard for 2 years for my OGUK medicals and the assessments have always gone above and beyond my expectations.
The new clinic is exceptional. Worth also speaking to Henrik if your interested in an extremely comprehensive health check as this is their speciality.

Mark Burley

We are all dying….
I just dont want to die of something that could have been prevented.

Martin Tye

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Executive Health’s team, ensures that you will be personally taken care of and get a first class experience, from consultation to examination and appointments.

The purpose of our examinations is not only to discover serious diseases but also to provide us with an opportunity to find each individual’s most important risk factors in order to tailor-make a preventive program.
Executive Health offers the most advanced and safe screening program in Europe to detect diseases with probable severe consequences for your health if not treated in time.

We screen particularly for cancer and cardiovascular disease. Since the opening of the first Executive Health clinic in 2008, we have done more than 10.000 exams.


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