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One out of two persons will develop cancer during their lifetime

We are all at risk of developing cancer during our lifetime and the chance of survival is much higher if it is found early. This is why cancer check-ups and early diagnosis are so crucial.

Executive Health’s Cancer screening package can save your life

Cancer is an indiscriminate disease that can affect anyone. However, early cancer and pre-cancerous tissue can be diagnosed with medical imaging. Executive Health has specialized in medical imaging for screening and diagnosed all types of common cancer in asymptomatic clients since 2008.

Our cancer screening programme uses the latest preventative medical imaging technology to identify signs of disease in the latent period when the tumour is small and asymptomatic. Any findings can then be examined to provide a speedy diagnosis and referral for immediate treatment.

Executive Health

Benefits of booking a Cancer prevention check‑up

  • Early detection increases survival rates from 15% to 85%
  • Early cancer diagnosis
  • Early diagnosis of others diseases
  • Specialist referral for treatment
  • Exclude disease and peace of mind
  • 5-star service
  • State of the art medical imaging technology
  • Modern Marbella clinic

Price: EUR 2.700

Executive Health

What’s involved

Our cancer examination takes only 2 -3 hours and includes more than  40 harmless MRI scans from head to tail:


including but not limited to eyes, nose, mouth and sinuses.


including but not limited to cranium, large, small and mid-brain, pothalamus and brain stem.


including but not limited to throat, saliva, thyroid and lymph glands, air and food pipes, bone structures and spine.


including but not limited to heart, lungs, air and food pipes, lymph glands, chest wall and upper back with bone and spine.


including but not limited to liver, bile, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, adrenal glands, spleen, small and large intestines, and lower back with bone and spine.


including but not limited to bladder, prostate/uterus and all other female/male organs, hips, bones, lymph glands, rectum and anus.

About Executive Health

Executive Health is the premier Scandinavian Medical Preventive Screening clinic with clinics in Stockholm and Puerto Banús, Marbella. We have done more than 10.000 exams.

Our clinics are staffed by friendly, dedicated Scandinavian professionals, who ensure each medical check-up is carried out efficiently and in comfortable surroundings.

Our clinic in Marbella offers access to an extended range of health check-ups, including our best and most advanced programme called “Premium Screening” but also other programmes such as Executive Heart Screening, Essential Screening and Cancer screening.

What our clients say about our medical check ups

By that you discovered my cancer, who are not given any symptoms, you saved my life!! I have now had surgery and is declared healthy!

Per-Inge Walfridson

We are all dying….
I just dont want to die of something that could have been prevented.

Martin Tye

Get in touch to arrange a comprehensive cancer examination today!

Executive Health’s team, ensures that you will be personally taken care of and get a first class experience, from consultation to examination and appointments.

The purpose of our examinations is not only to discover serious diseases but also to provide us with an opportunity to find each individual’s most important risk factors in order to tailor-make a preventive program.

Executive Health offers the most advanced and safe screening program in Europe to detect diseases with probable severe consequences for your health if not treated in time.

We screen particularly for cancer and cardiovascular disease. Since the opening of the first Executive Health clinic in 2008, we have done more than 10.000 exams.


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